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May be an image of 3 people, child and text that says 'WILL OR KIDS SKATE! SKATE! BOUNCE FAMILY ENGAMENT NIGHT MARCH 23RD 6 :00 PM AT MES parents can learn about STEM!'


Building Minds…Building Bluestreaks!


Thunderstruck is an afterschool enrichment program targeted at building connections. Students will learn first hand with community and staff  members as they share their professions, skills, and creativity.  Students will be challenged to transform dreams into reality by discovering new hobbies and skills to positively impact their future. 

March - Art and Creative Skills:

There will be plenty of opportunities for creative thinking, learning and unique projects.  In March, our students will learn from local skilled artists and photographers.  Each week, our kids will be immersed in different techniques, styles, and skills.  In one session, our preschool teacher, Mrs. Lang, will share her love and talent of knitting and crocheting.  

April - Growing and Gardening:

In April we are going to take the opportunity to work with our local greenthumbs to begin work on our outdoor classroom/learning lab.  Kids will be getting their hands dirty, building up those muscles and calluses by planting, digging, and building a space we can enjoy as a school.  Our kids will be putting in the hard work with our staff and community to make a unique space to offer outdoor learning and exploration. 

School Calendar 2022-2023


                5th    Early Dismissal 1:55/2:00pm

                6th-10th Spring Break


                5th    Early Dismissal 12:10/12:15pm SIP

                23rd  Early Dismissal 1:55/2:00pm  Tentative Last Day

                24rd-30th Emergency day (proposed)