Ms. Shotts' Third Grade

We loved showing the phases of the moon with yummy Oreo cookies!
How to presentations were awesome!
Congratulations go to the penguin egg race winners.
Congratulations to the third graders who survived the Island of the Blue Dolphin Challenge!  They were awarded with the original island necklace and a certificate!
Check out the live animal cam at the Kansas City Zoo or the San Diego Zoo
Congratulations to the penguin egg race winners!  You really would make a good penguin daddy or mommy.
What a great job on the rocket launch!  A record of 25 Feet.  Congratulations go to  the winners.
2022 class spaceships and rocket launch


A very special welcome to our newly adopted Magellanic penguin named Rico !  Check out the penguin tab for more information.
Congratulations on completing all of the multiplication facts!