Principal VL Norton's Webpage

School District Mission Statement

To dedicate our efforts to meet the educational needs of all learners in a positive and progressive manner, to maximize individual self worth, and to foster the development of responsible and productive adults.


Vision Statement

The Martinsville Elementary Community views our school as a positive learning environment where students and staff feel safe.  The school and community interact in a variety of school functions.  Classrooms are learning laboratories with caring teachers as facilitators.  Students learn through projects and technology, which are standards-driven.  Quality student work is displayed inside and outside of classrooms.  Instruction is individualized to meet the needs of all learners.  Children work cooperatively in groups and individually.  Student choice is built into each day.  All of our students experience success daily.  Our vision is to instill in each student a love of education and a desire to be life-long learners.


Martinsville Elementary School Doctrine

Tell me, I forget

     Show me, I remember

           Involve me, I understand.

                                       (Chinese proverb)