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High Frequency Words

These words will be the words your child will learn in first grade.  Your child will be using these words in their writing and reading daily.  You can help at home by practicing these words.  You will find a list of fun ways to practice using these words.  Get creative!
Ways to Practice
(Write the words on notecards to use when you practice or play games.)
1) rainbow write 
2) play dough spell
3) use sidewalk chalk
4) Use a dry erase markers on your windows
5) use magnetic letters
6) create a memory game
7) sight word Go Fish
8) sight word uno
9) write in white crayon and watercolor over to make words appear
10) use smelly markers
11) Create a board game
There are countless more ideas, but these are my favorite.  If you have a fun idea please share with us!