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Back to School Plan

MES Announcements for 2020-2021 Re-Opening

The 2020-2021 Martinsville CUSD #3 Reopening Plan that was released was designed by the district’s transition team based on survey results from district families, input from the teachers’ union, School Board members, the requirements and recommendations from ISBE and IDPH.The reopening plan is based on available public health information at the time of its creation. The plan may be adjusted based on new data or changing circumstances. MES does recognize that there may still be questions regarding the plan. Some details are outlined below.

● Everyone in the school building will be required to wear face masks/coverings when around others. Students/employees that are outdoors can remove masks while socially distant. All staff and students will be provided 1 cloth mask. All elementary students will be provided with a lanyard at the start of each day. The lanyard will help keep their mask from getting lost and falling on the floor.

● Breaks from mask-wearing will be scheduled which includes breakfast/lunch/snack time, outdoor PE, outdoor Music, and outdoor recess. If weather is permissible, teachers will also have students outside as appropriate for learning activities.

● Our school will place an emphasis on student/employee hygiene and hand washing/sanitization.

● Hand sanitizer will be in hallways and classrooms throughout the school buildings.

● We will attempt to create one-way traffic flow as best as they can in the hallways and other areas of the schools using visual cues (e.g., signs, colored tape and floor decals).

● Furniture will be arranged to support social distancing practices to the greatest extent possible.

Special Education: The district is committed to serving our students’ special needs whether it is in person or through Remote Learning. The types and amounts of special education services provided to our students are determined by the student’s IEP. Due to the district’s shortened day, the types and amounts of services may need to be temporarily adjusted. These decisions will be made in collaboration with the IEP/504 team and parents. IEP and 504 meetings, and other meetings between staff and visitors/families will be held remotely if possible. If parents are unable to engage in meetings remotely then social distanced in-person meetings may be held.

The district understands that there may be a small minority of students who have a medical contraindication to using face coverings. Any request for an accommodation to the requirement of wearing face coverings must include a physician’s note which documents the medical contraindication for any individual who is not able to wear a face covering. Upon receiving such a request, the district will initiate the IEP or 504 process (whichever is appropriate) to consider the request and determine if any accommodations can be made. Any accommodations must fall within ISBE, IDPH, and CDC requirements for public schools. The IEP or 504 team may also consider if Remote Learning would be more appropriate for the student in light of the student’s specific medical needs.

Accepting Applications for School Board

Martinsville CUSD #C-3 is accepting applications for appointment to the school board following the resignation of a member who moved to a different township. If you are interested in serving on the board, please submit your resume and statement of interest to School Board Vacancy, PO Box K, Martinsville, IL 62442, or email it to Superintendent Jill Rogers at [email protected] with the subject line, “Board Vacancy.” Since the number of board members from any one township is limited by law, please be sure to indicate which township you live in.

Big Blue Wears a Mask

Big Blue has his mask ready to go for school...are you ready?
One mask and one lanyard will be provided for each student. However, you will need to have some extra masks as well.
Big Blue says not to fear...there will be lots of opportunities for a mask break! While we eat, drink, have outdoor PE, Music, recess, and during other learning activities that can be held outdoors we will take a mask break; but we will use social distancing to keep safe!
The countdown is on until we get to "Blast Off Into An Absolutely Awesome Adventure" together!

Welcome to Our New Website!

Thank you for visiting our new website! Please check back often as updates are made, and click on article headlines to view full stories where applicable.

Summer! Summer! Summer!

Have a great summer!
We hope you enjoy the sunshine, family and fun over the summer break. Please watch our website, Facebook page or other social media outlets for announcements.
*The elementary office will be closed for the summer after today, June 3rd.

Report Card Day

Report Card Day from 1-4 PM today! Come get your report card and say goodbye to your teachers!
Ms. Shotts and Mrs. Skidmore's students will also receive a coupon for free ice cream from Sadie's for having 100% return on packet #6 last Friday!
6th graders will receive their class shirt, promotion certificate, special awards, report card, and a gift bag!
Be sure to stay tuned to MES social media this summer as there will be ways to stay connected to one another during the break!
Can't wait for the 20-21 school year!
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# EVERY child counts--EVERY moment matters
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